As you consider your career you must rely on all your resources, but none more important than yourself. You are always the one that can control all the dials and buttons. As a career coach, I am the GPS – I nav, but you will always drive.

What it takes is AM-BITION. Take charge and don’t be AM-BIVALENT. You will AM-AZE yourself at what you can manage when you are 100% committed.

There are many moving parts to career development and if you don’t manage them well, they will run AM-OK and you can easily lose control and should that happen, which it can, take a deep breath modify and AM-END the plan. Nothing wrong with that.

Sometimes taking a step back will allow you time to reassess and AM-PLIFY the thoughts that switch you from AM-ATUER to becoming an AM-BASSADOR on your own behalf.

It’s so important to find the sweet spot. Why are you looking at the things you are? If you don’t have passion for it, take note. You will be making an investment in yourself and not owning that will be, in its own way, AM-ORAL. Don’t overwork it. Don’t let the process AM-BUSH you – You AM-BUSH it!! When you do find the sweet spot – It’s the way to AM-ORTIZE your self-investment. The AM-BIANCE of being in a good place is where you want to be.

So, AM-ASS all the resources, stay focused, don’t come down with AM-NESIA, reach out to your AM-IGOS and enjoy the AM-USING feelings as no AM-OUNT of friction will prevent you from achieving SUCCESS.

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