There was a time when you had a job and it turned into a career. You paid your dues, had opportunities to distinguish yourself and improve your status.

You were rewarded for good work and being a loyal employee.

You got promoted and you got a raise.


You built relationships, created a feeling of trust and became ‘dependable’.

Today, it seems we are all drifters. Working vagabonds looking for a place to land for a short term and then we move on to something that we hope will be better or for many – just different.

Now we become ‘disposable’.


We live in such a transient society today. Where is the loyalty? Is there loyalty?

The work force has an average time span of just a few years and then people either move on and/or get let go.


Companies, agencies are always in transition too. Re-structuring, amended budgets, new business, lost business, new managers, new hires, new direction – always something taking place and that too, will cause a ripple effect and changes occur.

Sometimes, it creates a hostile environment, lowers morale, raises morale, shifts the dynamics, and changes need to occur.

Either way, it makes us drifters.


When I review resumes or interview someone, I like to see a path that tells a story.

I look for a compelling story.

A good story has substance to it. It has a beginning, the middle and should continue to build into something that exhibits accomplishments.


I often look at an older demographic that has that substance and wonder why they wouldn’t be considered a ‘good hire’.

Too often, we hear a veiled response of ‘over qualified’, when in fact they really mean ‘too old’.

This category offers everything the work force needs – Experience, the need to work, the desire to work, enthusiasm and above all, in exchange to get a decent job – loyalty.

This demographic, in many cases is a very smart hire.

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