It’s symbolic of so many things and especially this weekend, we leverage the holiday into time off with family, friends, colleagues, trips, recreational activity or just an opportunity to disconnect for a bit. Whatever your choice – Try and keep in perspective what INDEPENDENCE is and why it’s so significant.

July 4th is one good example of what INDEPENDENCE means, but there are so many other ways to see it.

Finding a career that really fulfills your DREAMS and WISHES, something that ‘scratches your itch’ is very liberating and that too is a form of INDEPENDENCE.


As a CAREER COACH, my job is to provide you with a SENSE of DIRECTION and help you ACHIEVE SUCCESS so the journey is void of bumps in the road and allows you the FLEXIBILITY to make good choices along the way. I am your NAVIGATOR.  You will drive and if we work together, there is a sense of LIBERATION that typically leads to something that feels very good. 

Striving for LIFE/WORK BALANCE is a goal of so many and although it’s a good target to shoot for, why not look at it in a broader sense and just see it as LIFE BALANCE. That too is characteristic of real INDEPENDENCE.  It represents true HAPPINESS. How cool is it to get up everyday and want to go to WORK? The majority of the workforce does not feel that way, so look for the INTERSECTION POINTS between you, your goals, objectives and the TARGETS you have in mind and search for your personal INDEPENDENCE DAY.

Happy 4th!!!!

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