Your entire life, you will be confronted with all kinds of situations. Things that will demand great insight, thoughtfulness, discretion and the ability to challenge your value, what you have to offer, where you fit and to make a meaningful decision. Some of theses decisions will carry you through to the next step. Judgment does not come without a price. You invest time. You invest in your resources, your personal and professional capitol and try to maintain a sense of rhythm so you can keep all of the moving parts moving. Growth and change will always have a price. Failure is part of this process. If you don’t fail along the way, chances are you are just very lucky, well equipped, well prepared or just sitting in the right place at the right time.

So what helps you maintain a consistent effort??

What helps you keep the moving parts moving? It’s all in your attitude. The one thing you can control and manage as you choose. You take it to the MISTIC. You try and avoid being PESSIMISTIC and look at your strengths, leverage that and move forward. Trust in yourself. Don’t place doubt in front of you. Don’t let uncertainty drive you off the cliff. Embrace it. Learn from it. Let that motivate you. You do it by being OPTIMISTIC.


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