I always find the holidays a great time to take a big step backwards and reflect on what I accomplished during the year. Just seems like a good time to take some personal inventory. I will also spend time on my non-accomplishments too. That can be just as satisfying. Take it all in and learn from your past experiences. As we approach the New Year, I think it’s a good thing to stretch your boundaries, consider the changes you made this year and how you will build off of that. Continue to grow. Continue to change. Maintain the right attitude that allows you every opportunity to embrace what’s in front of you. The New Year enables ALL of us a chance to not begin again, but a chance to take all you have done, improve upon it and make the New Year that much better then the past.

It’s not about hanging on to the past; Its more about letting go and challenging yourself to maintain a successful course of action. Cultivate all the resources you have. They are valuable commodities and will make the New Year even more rewarding than the past. Every year, every day, in fact should provide fulfillment. 

My experience with this mindset is liberation. Set yourself free and enjoy what you did and what you will do.

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