Aren’t we all looking for a good deal? Of course, we are. Everybody loves a bargain. If you are a discerning shopper, you will take your time, compare, look for ways to differentiate between one brand or another, analyze cost, shape, size, fit, and after taking your time – You will decide. And when you get home, try it on, give it spin around the block, taste it – You begin to see just how valuable that time you invested in ‘the deal’ can pay off. It’s not always the cost, sometimes it’s the QUALITY of both the experience and what you get. Where is the VALUE?

The value you look for in your life, your lifestyle, your job, your career, your education, your family, your friends, your health is the important thing to consider. That’s where the substance of a good deal is. That’s where the profits are. That’s the best ROI. It will boost your net worth through the roof. Your added value shouldn’t be measured by the cost factor – No it should be measured by what you bring you the table. How can you help? How can you become a resource? How can you make it easier for someone else? How can you contribute? Live life this way because it is worth it.

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