If you don’t know something what is the best thing you can do? You SEARCH for an ANSWER. You can always utilize the Internet or you can find someone in your NETWORK, reach out and make an inquiry. One thing is certain; we all have RESOURCES available that will provide ANSWERS.

Everyday, we are all confronted with something that causes us to instinctively say, “I don’t know”. That’s not an acceptable answer – It offers no hope. Before you jump into IDK, take a pause and allow yourself a little breathing room and say, “I’ll find out”. It’s a smart strategic pause that offers a feeling of CONFIDENCE and POSSIBILITY. IDK kills the moment – It provides an empty feeling and leaves everybody hanging.

Always feel free to ASK. It’s EMPOWERING. It’s REWARDING. It’s LIBERATING.

When you discover the answer, you are now able to add value to yourself and your team. 

If you are insecure and lack the CONFIDENCE about asking a question to help you complete a task, a project, an assignment, then you won’t ACCOMPLISH anything. There’s no FULFILLMENT in that. 50, 70, 85, 90 percent won’t cut it. The EXPECTATIONS will always be 100%. Make no mistake, if you cannot do something 100% – Why bother?

All day we are confronted with OPTIONS and have CHOICES to make. The direction we choose should be based on INFORMATION and DATA. If you don’t have that in hand, chances are you will make a bad DECISION….so do not hesitate to ASK QUESTIONS – It’s a good thing to do.

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