Maybe you’re just interested. Maybe you’re curious. Possibly you are being inquisitive. Being nosy isn’t such a bad thing if it’s driven by an inquiring mind perspective and not being a busybody. It’s one thing to pry into a place you don’t belong and then a very different thing when you are looking for meaningful information. With so much data available today, with so many ways to secure information, with all the technology advancements out there, not to be curious is a huge mistake. How many questions cross your path in a day? Doesn’t matter if they are questions you ask yourself or if they come from a colleague – Either way, every question deserves or requires an answer. And clearly, we don’t always have the response at our fingertips, so we need to be NOSY and find out what the answer is. That’s like having a PROBLEM in need of a SOLUTION. Loose ends are not acceptable. ‘I don’t know’ is also not acceptable. So much cleaner to say, ‘I’ll find out’. That’s where the RESULTS are, within the ANSWERS. It adds CLARITY. It provides SATISFACTION, FULFILLMENT, GRATIFICATION and creates a sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT and ACCHEIVEMENT.

Being ‘nosy’ is the best way to LEARN.

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