How often do we hear or use the expression, ‘dropping the ball’?

Man, ‘he really dropped the ball on this one’ or ‘she really messed up and dropped the ball’ on that. Typically, it follows with, “Someone is going to have to pay for this”…….

Dropping the ball is definitely not a good thing. It can be indicative of mistakes, missed opportunities, maybe confusion and exhibiting some carelessness. But, holding the ball isn’t great either. That suggests uncertainty, a lack of courage and confidence. What we want to do is keep the ball in motion. Like a good idea – pass it and bounce it. That’s how a great concept begins. You have a vision and if executed with thought, passion and drive, you can bring the concept to life.

It’s the activity and the bounce that keeps the mind moving. Dropping it and holding it requires no thought or skill at all. Bouncing it, however, keeps you centered with precision because you don’t want to drop it and lose it. You concentrate and try and create a state of quality that will produce a clear definition that will help achieve successful results. You keep your eye on the ball. You have a priority in place and work on what matters most. You stay focused.

The idea or the ‘bounce’ creates a repetition. This can be a good training exercise and help you get better at whatever it is you are trying to accomplish.

Maybe you are looking for a job. Maybe you are trying to connect and set up a meeting with someone. Maybe you are trying to build your network and manage some exploratory time with someone. Anything you are trying to do is the ‘bounce’ and the key is to not drop or hold it too long. The rebound should give cause for optimism and hopefully get you moving forward.

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