Anyone can be a leader. You don’t need to be the CEO. You don’t need to be the Managing Director and you don’t need to be the owner. Big titles are not the only way to become the leader. In fact, you can be an intern or an entry-level worker and still exhibit the Leadership DNA. Every job has a required skill set and with that comes responsibilities to do specific tasks. Take an initiative and exhibit a ‘can-do’ attitude. It’s that simple. That’s a leadership quality and if you can display some of that, you will get noticed and chances are, you will be seen as an added value and get more responsibilities.

Recognize your place in the hierarchy and be cognizant of how far you can extend yourself. Act accordingly. Make them aware by establishing yourself, by making appropriate decisions. Use good judgment.

You don’t want to overstep your bounds, but exhibit some forward thinking and you will gain some attention.

A good leader’s most distinctive attribute is probably one of an observer. They keep both eyes open. They process what is taking place around them and generate an energy that people will be attracted to.

The characteristics of a ‘leader’ will not go unnoticed. All people are measured by performance and results, but the process in between performance and results is where the focus is. Execution, behavior, your ability to listen, the balance you show, your courage, your ability to take ownership, your transparency and the way you conduct yourself are what you want people to see. Maximize failure and minimize success.






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