As a Career and Life Coach, I work with so many different types of populations and will often ask ‘what does your gut say?’  I am always amazed at the frequency of this response: “I don’t know – I don’t think that way”. I can’t fault people for that as so many do think and process in their head. I have always been a ‘gut’ thinker. I think from my gut and process in my head.

It doesn’t matter if you are thinking about your career, considering some important personal issues or what the next series is you’re going to watch on Netflix. It all boils down to having CHOICES, considering the OPTIONS, and making DECISIONS. We are confronted with them every day. Some of us have all kinds of strategies in place to manage this and some have no idea how to manage it. Choices and ultimately, a decision are required throughout our lives. I’m a fan of having the data, the information in hand so I can assess what’s in front of me, look at the range of possibilities, map out the best course of action and make a more informed decision that positions me in the best possible way. No matter what it might be.

But what do you do when you are ‘sucker punched’ with a situation requiring a fast response? Can be awkward. Can be uncomfortable, but it happens, and we now must think and process quickly. You are obliged to count on yourself. People are depending on you. They are seeking your guidance, your advice, a recommendation, a suggestion, your OPINION – Something that will satisfy what they feel is missing that will allow them to move forward. They are relying on you to find a solution. Can you think fast? Will the pressure take over and get in your way?

Your gut feeling is typically a sudden flash of personal insight, a fleeting moment based on your own ability to immediately UNDERSTAND something without conscious reasoning. It’s your instinct that drives it. The answers, the solutions, the results are there but you may not really be aware why or how. Sometimes we must rely on our gut reaction and LIVE WHAT WE FEEL.

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