There are so many moving parts when it comes to job search, securing a job or even considering some kind of professional change. And if you are experiencing any of this, you know the best way to manage it is to be ORGANIZED. The moving parts can, at times get way out of control if not administered well. As you begin to put your plan in place, you accumulate a lot of DATA. This information will play a huge role in your ability to make a meaningful move. You identify your resources, your network, targets you are interested in and map out a strategy that connects you to your ‘NEXT’.

Next is what it’s all about. Yesterday was a learning tool, but tomorrow is what we need to look at. Find value in the search process. There is so much knowledge in it, but don’t lose sight of all the information you collect, as it will, if not managed well, will dilute itself into a useless abyss. Get everything in order and make a list!

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