Disconnect, disengage, decouple, unhitch, separate, deactivate, tune out and turn off are and should be a part of all of our lives from time to time. I’m lucky – I love what I do, but still need ‘me’ time. It is a great feeling to let go of work for a while and enjoy personal time, being void of the office responsibilities and just doing something else.

If you don’t feed your head and heart from time to time, than you are working too much. Not to hard – but too much. We all work hard. After all, who works easy?      No one….and don’t complain, as there are so many that want the opportunity you have. However, as we get swept away into a high tide of life, the swells can be at times, overwhelming and drag us under, so it’s critical to create DOWNTIME. Vacations are wonderful, but so is a day off. Try and maximize the time you do have off. Weekends can be crucial to providing balance in our life. It allows us time and space to just chill and breathe. It allows us time to do personal things, to engage with friends, family to read, to be creative, to enjoy the outside, to nap or just do NOTHING.

Whatever floats your boat is what you should do. Make and take time for yourself. Nobody is giving you that – You must control that. Let go for a bit, do the DIGITAL DETOX and make some ME TIME.






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