We all make mistakes – It’s human nature and if you look deep inside the MISTAKE, you can always LEARN from it. There can, with some exception always be value in a good MISTAKE. I coach my clients that FAIL can be the best teacher there is and it’s my favorite acronym. First Attempt At Learning can provide some very meaningful lessons, both professionally and personally. It is our responsibility to OWN our MISTAKES and manage them as quickly as possible. If you don’t, they will own you. And as we mess up, the lesson learned allows us to become better, stronger, more durable and above all, more RELIABLE. The key of course, is not to repeat the same mistake. 

If you are focused on SELF IMPROVEMENT, you will always find the way to dial down and avoid MISTAKES. That comes from research, being prepared and having a good understanding about what you do and why you do it. If you LISTEN, PROCESS and LEARN – you will no doubt, minimize and/or eliminate mistakes. This falls on us. We can make a conscious decision, pay attention to our surroundings, the noise and the people we engage with and that information and experience can and should take us a long way. Building a foundation of relationships comes from honesty, integrity and just being ‘YOU’. That authenticity is how we develop TRUST and TRUST is how we develop RELATIONSHIPS. Get to know your colleagues. Create a dialogue. LEARN. LEARN and LEARN. The more you know, the more you can do and that makes your ADDED VALUE go way up. But it’s important to remember, especially when you are a new hire, that OVERSIGHTS happen and part of your job is to ease your way in and MINIMIZE STUPID.

Minimize Stupid
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