All of us have POTENTIAL and many of have MOTIVATION. If you are MOTIVATED and understand what your POTENTIAL is, then you have a pretty clear path to wherever it is we want to go. Having a DESTINATION makes getting there easier, but there are still miles and miles of road to be traveled. The PROCESS always takes time. And time can often present challenges and slow down, diffuse or knock out the MOTIVATION. Can you sustain it? That’s the secret. MOTIVATION can be difficult to manage on a regular basis. We all have so many moving parts to our day and stuff just gets in the way. Normal day to day can create obstacles and take us off course. Looking at your CAREER or any personal stuff you are trying to accomplish can and will be impacted by your ability to maintain MOTIVATION.

Do you have the drive? Do you have the power within yourself to keep pushing forward? 

Being COMPETENT, being SKILLED, having EXPERIENCE and being QUALIFIED will take you a long way. These qualities will and should serve you well, but if the MOTENTIAL isn’t in place, you are in for a long slow journey.

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