As a coach – It’s one of my strictest focal points. One of my tag lines –  “if you aren’t moving forward, then you’re standing still or worse – moving backwards”.

It has become a ‘catch phrase’ for many of us. It fits neatly as just another ‘cliché that gets tossed around at meetings, seminars, webinars, press conferences, and social events. It has become a common statement in all forms of business and life.

It’s a common preface when we introduce something new. When you cut through all the layers of process, it really is about moving things (or yourself) forward. It’s critical for success and it leads to accomplishments. It gets things done. I am a big advocate of getting things done.

To use Moving Forward as a useful tool, one needs to understand the true meaning. After all, like so many things – this too, has flaws. Politicians, athletes, famous people and press hounds use it as a veiled way of trying to seek forgiveness. “That’s behind me now – I am moving forward”. That statement is offered and we are supposed to just forget and move on. In this scenario – I don’t think it’s that simple.

I think moving forward is more complex than that. It is based on a transparent course of action that builds from some platform that we create. Like most things – it’s a process. In order to move forward, there has to be a past. Whatever your purpose, it has to have a beginning. An idea, a concept, a plan, a foundation – a starting point. Without that – there is no forward.

Then there is the present – the now. In order to make progress, we need to work in the moment. We need to think about what is taking place at this particular time.

In order to successfully move forward, we need to think in 3 stages. Past, present and future. Like all things in life – it’s a process that requires a plan. We think about it, we develop it and we execute.

Choose your destination. Set your GPS – know your target and move it forward.

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