Looking for a job will require you to be all in. There is no other alternative. There is no option. There is no substitute. You DO NOT have a choice. If you are going to be successful at not just finding/searching, but LANDING a new opportunity, it is Non-Negotiable; you must be fully invested in the process.

People often ask me what, exactly does that mean? Exactly as it sounds.

The only way you can achieve success in this world is if you approach the process with the right mindset. Prepare yourself. Know the market. Know what and who is in front of you. Know how to position yourself. What do you have to offer? What are your objectives and goals? If you can allow yourself a good think, you can begin to understand the significance of career development, at any level and put together the information that enables you to jump in, head first, and implement a solid plan.

There is no magic involved. Quite the contrary, it will require a strong sense of commitment. You must for the time needed, be dedicated to yourself, the goals you set and leverage all your tools and resources. You have many. Self-awareness and self-confidence will drive some of this too. Unlock those doors – It will make a difference.

Do not see the need of career change as a problem. See it as an opportunity to make things better. The process can be difficult. I would never minimize just how challenging it could be – It is. That said, if you have a reason for career change, career transition, career growth, put the ‘problem’ on the back burner and see it as your chance to move your life forward. You can transform into something better, stronger, more efficient and eventually a resource that adds value. You will always be an asset. But YOU must recognize that quality and know as you hit the market, it will always be NON-NEGOTIABLE.

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