When it comes to career development, career choice, career search, there will always be some feeling of apprehension, nervousness, anxiety, uncertainty, tension and FEAR. All of this is 100% NORMAL. If you didn’t feel some of this when you are in transition, I would, as a career coach say – Something ain’t right.

The emotional content attached to any CHANGE is part of the process. Your job is to recognize it and manage it. How you manage your career will determine the outcome. If you let it manage you – You are toast.

The course you lay out for your career is a job in of itself. Embrace what’s in front of you and make sure you pay careful attention to what you leave behind as that will provide significant learning experience to help you move forward.

You build one step at a time. You make time and consider timing as you control and organize efficiently, all the data you collect that will open doors and get you to where you want to be.

But make no mistake, for most of us, it can and does wear you out. It takes patience and commitment to move your career forward and vertically. And it plays games with you emotionally. Don’t let it drive you to the edge. Look before you leap.

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