Did you know, that ALL job seekers are storytellers? Indeed they do and the story they must tell is their own. Yes, when you are on the market you are the brand, the product or the service and you are MARKETING yourself. Every brand has a story behind it. So what’s yours? Are you capable of creating a brand narrative that speaks on your behalf? Will it make an impact on the marketplace you are considering? If not, you are minimizing your chances of landing that coveted job or internship. Competition will always be stiff, and with COVID, it’s a more challenging job market, so how you present will play a crucial role in your ability to land something good. 

Think about any brand that you are familiar with. There is always a reason you shift towards it. Taste, aesthetics, packaging, cost, fit, efficiency, or maybe perhaps it’s a combination, but there is always a reason we make a choice. Why do hiring mangers shift towards one candidate over another – Often it’s not just skill based, it’s the backstory that drives your BRAND PERSONA. All brands have a strategic plan behind it and it’s almost always based on DATA. If you invest time in your market, your area of interest, you begin to identify the intersection points.

That becomes the root, the foundation of what should be your STRATEGY and then you can pilot your brand forward. 

As you begin to put yourself out there, you will probably begin with your own NETWORK, so be prepared to communicate your BRAND MESSAGE, and if you target well, convey the right message, you will open doors and eventually someone is going to invite you in. 

That door doesn’t open, however without a quality and strong storyline, so put your thoughts together and tell me a story.

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