How often have you STOPPED yourself from success? We all do it. I am not necessarily talking about success, long or short term at work but SUCCESS in anything you need, want, have, choose to do. Simple procrastination of calling your friend back, cleaning your room, washing your car, finishing the book, completing the Netflix series, finishing your homework, prepping for a meeting – All of these are on the ‘CHECKLIST’ but for some reason, we just temporarily avoid them. We delay, we postpone knowing well that it/they need to be done, but for whatever reason, we just keep pushing them back and all the while, it nags at us because the reality is – IT HAS TO GET DONE and when we finally do it, we have that moment of fulfillment or SUCCESS. Finally, we can cross that one off, check the box and move on.

As Career Coach, I engage with all types of clients and personalities, all types of different needs, issues, problems, and many of my clients will provide many reasons why they cannot move forward. Not for one minute would I minimize how significant these reasons are. For my clients, they are real, and they can be paralyzing. They can cause anxiety, stress, tension and elevate the BP. But at the end of the day, my job is to add clarity. A good coach should fully listen, process, offer support, accountability, collaboration, education, and resources. My job is to bridge the gap and help the client navigate safely from where they are to where they want to be. So, you can give me many reasons why you can’t or won’t but all I want is the ONE REASON why you can and will.

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