The best way to accomplish pretty much anything is through the use of COMMUNICATION. It has ben that way since the beginning of time. History shows that the best way to engage with others, find some common ground, learn, exchange ideas & information, make friends, establish a relationship, convey a meaningful message, earn trust, achieve mutual understanding, create a friendly debate or simply say hello to someone on the street is through COMMUNICATION.

Looking for a CAREER PATH or considering your next step professionally will require the use of many TOOLS. What is your TARGET? Identify your market and know that you are thinking appropriately and of course you will reach out to your NETWORK. All of this is rooted in COMMUNICATION. You search the Internet for IDEAS and OPPORTUNITY. That is a form of communicating. You will reach out to friends, family, Colleagues for ADVICE and potential leads. That too is rooted in the artful use of COMMUNICATION. 

There are so many methods of COMMUNICATIONS today. Technology has helped streamline some of this and although we commonly use tech as a COMMUNICATION tool, there is still nothing like face-to-face and voice-to-voice.

Effective COMMUNICATION can be difficult to interpret in an email and often your messaging can be taken out of context, so it’s important to PROOFREAD carefully and ensure that what your intentions are come off clearly and minimize the possibility that it could be misunderstood. Be mindful also, of messaging with your smartphone. Yes, they are smart, but they cannot talk as you might so pay attention to what you write and make sure the CONTENT is accurate. Auto correct can help…..and hurt. Before you hit send – PROOFREAD!!

When you are thinking about your CAREER and your NETWORK, remember an OPEN DIALOGUE will OPEN DOORS.

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