A big part of life is OPPOSITION. It will hit us at work, at play and in life. Opposition lurks out there in every direction There is no way to avoid it. It will show itself in a variety of shapes and sizes. But make no mistake, it will, at some point in time, expose itself.

It will take us by surprise and even when you expect it – It still can create a ‘twitch’. It might just elevate your blood pressure.

Opposition is nothing more than an OPPORTUNITY in hiding. Beneath all that RESISTANCE and friction that is probably trying to prevent you from moving forward is nothing but an OPPORTUNITY to overcome and not only move forward but a chance to move UPWARD.

Conflicts are going to push you to think differently so you can do differently. Take them for what they are – A moment in time that allows you a chance to improve, to get better, to upgrade, to upskill, to refine, to get stronger, to develop and create an OPPORTUNITY.

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