Did you know that the definition of ‘OUT’ is ‘not here’? Or it might be, not home, not in, away, elsewhere, escape, or worse, a ‘state of unconsciousness’. Either way if you are OUT, you’re not IN.

And as accurate as this is, I see ‘OUT’ in many ways. You could be freaking OUT or you could be breaking OUT. You could be OUT of sight and OUT of mind. Maybe you’re misbehaving, and someone says, “cut it OUT” or worse, get OUT.. You get yourself all worked up over something that you can’t control, and it makes you feel like you are OUT of your mind. But that should give you cause to step back, reassess, and go all OUT because the last thing you want is to burn OUT or flame OUT. No fulfillment there.

When life really gets in the way and drags you down, it can make you feel inside OUT. And as we all know when the stuff hits the fan, our job is to figure it OUT. Afterall, it’s a jungle OUT there. Sometimes it’s just best to speak OUT, hold OUT, air it OUT, but take a stand and stick it OUT. The last thing you want to do is chicken OUT.

You might be experiencing something awkward, making you feel like a fish OUT of water. Don’t let that stuff bother you. Learn to sort it OUT. If you let these things mess with your mind, it will wear you OUT.

Try and take a pause and chill OUT. And my final thoughts on OUT are to consider thinking about your life today, tomorrow and map it OUT, lay it OUT, exercise your mind so you don’t get OUT of shape. I want to point it OUT that you can either check OUT or check it OUT so go ahead and knock yourself OUT – Enjoy every day because when you do you feel like you are OUT of this world!!!!!

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