When I was a boy, my mom always used to say to my dad, who was not known for his patience, “Bob be patient” and his response (he had a great sense of humor) was, “doctors need patients, not me”. I always got a kick out of his silliness. As a career coach, I am always enthusiastic about how PATIENCE plays a huge role in CAREER DEVELOPMENT. It’s a MINDSET.

So often, we experience silence, the cold shoulder, dead air, exclusion, and REJECTION when we network, apply for jobs, and simply look for an opportunity to move our career forward. There is ‘ugly’ in the process of career development. No way to avoid it. There is competition, timing, availability, readiness, desire, drive, courage, and among other things, PATIENCE that will work its way into the process. And when it falls into place, SUCCESS adds ‘BEAUTY’ to the process.

Change always has a price. But CHANGE is what should motivate all of us; professionally and personally. That’s where the fulfillment is – Creating CHANGE. As disruptive as it can be, it’s what should motivate us to find our sense of AMBITION so we can move things forward.

But make no mistake, making a career change will require a great deal of PATIENCE.

You must be tolerant. Despite your ability to be proactive, you must have the endurance to wait for things to happen. Composure, tenacity, persistence, and patience will get you through. Your sense of COMITTMENT will also get you there but know that PATIENCE is part of the PROCESS.

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