I am fortunate enough to work at one of the best research universities in the world. And even more fortunate that I am a part of the Career Center. As a career coach, my job is to provide meaningful guidance to a wide and varied student population. There are never any one student/client that presents the same reason for utilizing the services we offer. They represent many different cultures, countries, states, cities, communities and desired career paths. Each one, in their own way is unique and the issues they present are equally varied.

The job of the career coach is to ask good questions, get a conversation going and learn as much as possible. The more I know – The more I can help. How you get inside a clients head is where the challenge is. How do you establish a rapport and gain their trust? And how can you do that in a very short window of time? Trust is the root of it all and my job is to make them feel at ease so they WILL share information that allows us to work together and achieve, for them, the next step in their career development plan. The more challenged I feel, the more I want to help get the client up and running.

My colleagues are smart, caring, empathetic, generous, understanding, clever and above all well credentialed. In a word, they are AWESOME. I have an UG degree in Photography and Design. I do not have the MBA or PHD that they all have, but my 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and business owner is my PHD. Passion, Heart and Drive.

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