I have a degree in Photography and Design, which I acquired 100 years ago. That did lead to a successful and prolific career as a commercial photographer – It served me well. And for those that are familiar with my backstory, I find myself in a second career as a CAREER COACH surrounded by amazing, very intelligent and well-credentialed colleagues that all have Masters and/or PHD’s. I used to be intimidated by this but as I found my way, developed a really good rhythm and discovered a love for what I am doing, I realized that I’m pretty good at it and do have a lot to offer my CLIENTS. What CAREER COACHES do, especially in a university setting is very meaningful and helping a student find a career path and success is pretty darn rewarding stuff. I know that my VALUE ADDED is my EXPERIENCE. 

My MBA or PHD can be defined by many years in the real world of BUSINESS. What I bring is KNOWLEDGE, SKILL, PRACTICAL UNDERSTANDING, good PROCESSING SKILLS and I repeat – EXPERIENCE. Enjoying it is just more added value.  

In order to IMPROVE at anything, liking what you do will make it easier. There should be no ‘FORCE’ behind the process. It becomes natural, fluid and you become a better RESOURCE to your clients. Doing what you like is more indicative of love and doing what you don’t like intersects with STRESS.  Find your sweet spot in life – You will have a much better career and the journey will be so much FUN!!!

So that leads me back to the PHD. As I transitioned and learned how to reboot my own career, I recognized that I do have a PHD, something we should all aspire to have. Everybody should want my kind of PHD. 

Passion, Heart and Drive. That’s a degree we can all achieve. 

Do you have a PHD?
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