When you’re looking for a job, shouldn’t you set your bar high? I would think so. I want all my clients to swing for the fences and try and hit a HOME RUN. Rounding the bases is an awesome feeling. Even if you’re not a baseball fan, you understand the metaphor and what that kind of SUCCESS looks or feels like. It’s the best!!

And, with that said, we all know that every ‘at bat’ you get, every swing will not reach the fence. Quite the contrary, with all things in life, we can occasionally strike out. That’s OK too. Review the pitch count and try to learn from that experience so you can improve the next at bat. And, hitting a single, double or triple won’t hurt your batting average at all. The same can be said about your CARER PLAN and your CAREER STRATEGY. Rejection is like striking out and to that, I say, so what. You get more at bats and more opportunities to hit the ball. What matters most is that you have your head in the game and play to WIN. As you begin to map out and plan your CAREER, you will hear NO, you will get no response, you will get shut out, people go dark, and despite that it’s a lousy feeling, you will get another chance. You do get to apply for another job – Same as your next at bat. Learn from what happened, put it behind you and focus on what’s next. 

Career Coaching has a responsibility to guide, advocate, teach, mentor and COACH the client. We play for the same team looking to accomplish a common GOAL. YOUR SUCCESS!

So, keep your eye on the ball.

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