We are certainly experiencing some challenging times and as things continue to move, albeit quickly and in some cases slowly, it’s up to ALL of us to manage fairly, sensibly and to make sure we engage in what I always refer to as CS….good ‘ole Common Sense. 

Common Sense can drive us to find solutions to the many bad things that test us. And we are, at this very significant time and place being TESTED. As we get deeper into a new way of ‘temporary’ lifestyle, maintaining a POSITIVE ATTITUDE will make a huge difference how we come through. At the end of every day, it’s up to YOU how that day will net out. I, by no means am minimizing the significance of what Coronavirus is doing to us as a culture, but we have all faced adversity of some kind in our lives and somehow, with some exception, we all find a way to rise above and push our agendas forward. 

There isn’t anyone that is exempt from how this virus is making all of us behave and how it’s creating some impact on our day to day. As a career coach, I am hearing people talk often, especially those that are on the hunt for work, just how the dynamics have changed in just a few weeks. When budgets are impacted, as they are right now, if you are looking for a job, you must be realistic and know that things will slow down. We all know how important NETWORKING is. It’s arguably the most valued tool to use that expands your chance at new opportunity. And now that we are living with restrictions on crowds, most of the networking events you have on your calendar will be cancelled and/or postponed. We have no control over this, so what you need to do is continue doing what you CAN control, and that means, keep exploring the market, remain vigilant in your search and use technology to make contact with people.

We are very fortunate that technology, which often insulates us, is really a very good communication mechanism that keeps us all CONNECTED.

Stay connected. Stay positive. Stay smart and use good Common Sense to keep the lines of YOUR communication open, so when things settle, and they will, you are only a half step behind. You can make that ground up in a heartbeat.

It’s all in your hands, your head and your heart because what YOU CAN CONTROL is your ATTITUDE and you must keep that in a POSITIVE place. You are in control of the POSI-TUDE.

Smile. Keep a positive attitude.
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