Every door you open offers an OPPORTUNITY. In all that we do, be it personal or professional, in order to move forward, find FUFILLMENT and satisfy the insatiable desire to achieve SUCCESS, it is our OBLIGATION to knock on as many doors as we can. Life is an endless hallway of doorways. Don’t hesitate to knock on them all. The OBJECTIVE is to have someone say, ‘come on in’.  That, my friends, is how we move forward.

Any apprehensions you have can only result in a MISSED OPPORTUNITY. We live in a very COMPETITIVE society and the doors you pass, will only get a knock from someone else. It might as well be you that takes the chance or the RISK to create some POSSIBILITY that just might provide a window to your ‘NEXT’.

Fear of NEXT will only reduce your chances to make PROGRESS. Trepidation and uncertainty are not the way to travel that hallway. Being nervous, for some is normal. Do not let that dictate how your JOURNEY will go. It takes COURAGE. Push yourself; drive yourself to seize on any and all prospects to make ‘it’ happen.

Open the doors with dialogue – Get a conversation going, make an impact, make friends along the way and create RELATIONSHIPS.

Remember, every door represents POTENTIAL.


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