We all feel it at times. Pressure can creep into our head in the nastiest ways imaginable. It will cause anxiety. It can cause depression. It can prevent you from getting things accomplished. Pressure can be, at times so overwhelming that the stress it creates will paralyze you to the point that you want to hide and avoid people and worse whatever it is that needs to get done doesn’t get done.

Time sensitive, deadlines, target dates are part of everybody’s work life – No way to avoid it and for some it really can influence your workflow. Can you manage it? Can you meet the demand(s) of finishing on time? And can you do it without freaking out? We all have different styles of how we deal with success. I am a fan of 2+2= 4 but so does 3+1. Whatever works – make it happen.

Pressure has hurt people in many ways. Pain management can ease you through. Don’t let the pressure manage you – No, you manage it. If you let it manage you – You’re toast!

Evaluate, diagnose, and find the best remedy you can. What suits you and your work methods?

Engage in that and make it happen. Best case scenario is to eliminate the PRESSURE. If not, you want to minimize it so you can maintain a clear head and get to the finish line. Map things out. Create a strategy. Overcome the obstacles and have a vision. Goals and objectives should drive you so you can stay on course, get things done on time and avoid the PRESSURE.

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