I am not referring to having a ‘free pass’ or ENTITLEMENT as many people might define PRIVILEGE. No, I am talking about what a PRIVILEGE it is to always have been a service provider. I have been fortunate in my 2 careers to be exactly that; someone that serves a client base that has allowed me to build relationships with such a diverse group of interesting, stimulating, intelligent, kind, cool and sometimes frustrating people. Whatever the circumstances are I am one lucky guy.

Many see ‘service provider’ as a difficult career choice. Some say it puts you on the lower end of the workflow and see lack of appreciation in it. I can only speak for myself, but I see it as a PRIVILEGE to be able to engage with people, help them explore and discover their potential and create a meaningful career path. And my first career as a photographer and content creator, I always saw that as providing service as well. Accommodating and solving problems for clients has been an honor and something I will never take for granted.

When you slice it up, we are all providing service in some way. Lawyers, doctors, retail, landscapers, sales, financial planners, insurance, local merchants – We are all SERVICE PROVIDERS. I am proud to be one. It’s an honor, a pleasure, and a PRIVILEGE to meet with people and DELIVER. I take great pride as we all should in being able to bring pleasure and success to those in need.

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