I often think about careers as an investment. So I decided to take a careful look at the word, ‘invest’ and the parallel between INVEST and our career are quite extraordinary.

You put out with the expectation of achieving a PROFIT or some kind of GAIN. That embodies a good investment. As you manage your career and your life, it’s so important to recognize that you are and will always be investing TIME in all that you do.

Time is one of those commodities that moves quickly and offers a variety of OPTIONS. We should always be aware of the clock because as the minutes turn to hours, days, weeks and finally, years, we can often find ourselves missing important ‘stuff’ that could be significant to our investments. We have expectations when we invest. We want and EXPECT some quality gain. We want a solid ROI.

Our career path is no different. If we don’t have expectations, we have no goals to look at and nothing to aim for. EFFORT in lieu of money should still yield some dividend. We can SPECULATE as many in the money market might do.

Know going in that there will always be a RISK. That’s where the CHALLENGE is. Take the risk – It represents CHANCE and CHOICE. It represents POSSIBILITIES.

Manage your career path with PASSION, PURPOSE and PROFIT.

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