Often times my clients will tell me how difficult it is to build the momentum necessary when looking for a job and how demanding it is to keep it going. Yes, that is the hard part. Keeping the moving parts moving so you can develop the relationships you need to propel yourself forward. Don’t punish yourself – It’s a common thing. We are all so busy dealing with the day to day and then factor a career action plan into the mix….It can definitely get complicated. As tiring as it can get, your job is to make it happen. Grease up the moving parts and keep it all in motion. Ultimately the progress you make will lead you and eventually you will land in a place that will provide some professional improvement and fulfillment. 

Make no mistake, this process can wear you out and wear you down. You are in charge of the process. Despite that some people will go dark on you, not respond, play games and create all kinds of obstacles, it’s still in your hands to turn things in the direction of your choice. Think it through. Learn where your strengths are. Utilize them. Recognize what matters most, get your navigation set and PROPEL yourself!

Propel Yourself
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