As a sports fanatic, I love the replay and I especially love the slow-motion replay. Really gives you an opportunity to see all the action as if you were a part of it.

One of the best applications of slow-mo is in sports. Beyond that, I am all for keeping things moving as they are meant to be – with real TIME and no time to waste.

Like sports, your professional life is based on a good game and STRATEGIC plan. Know your opponent and PLAN. After all, if you PREPARE, then you are PREPARED.

Your career is no different. You can waste a ton of time cruising the job boards, submit a good resume or reach out to your NETWORK with little OBJECTIVE driving your INTENT. But if you are not TARGETING appropriately, looking for all the INTERSECTION POINTS between you and ‘them’, you are probably wasting time. So think about the market you are pursuing and plan ahead. What are the INTERSECTION POINTS? Where is the ALIGNMENT? Where is the SYMMETRY between you and the job you covet? Where is your ADDED VALUE?

Sports are competitive. Nobody wants to lose.  A good coach or manager prepares the players with a solid understanding and a clear OVERVIEW of what the opponent’s game plan will look like. Looking for a job is also competitive. Every market is competitive. If the mindset is ‘off’ then so is the game plan. If AMBITION isn’t there, if goals aren’t in place, if you’re not driven by PURPOSE then you are in slow motion and that allows the other player or CANDIDATE to get ahead and leave you in the rearview.


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