So much talk today about reflection. It’s almost a cliché today. It’s an overused term that sometimes sounds trite. Make no mistake, looking at yourself is a very good and smart thing to do. You should be your best guide, your best teacher, your best consigliere, and your best advisor. Life Coaches, Career Coaches, Therapists, Psychologists and Mentors often advise patients, clients to think back, process, distill what has happened and REFLECT. Learning from the past is a very valuable tool that can provide great lessons to help us move forward; and that’s where the meaningful stuff is – The Future. What lies in front of us is what we want to focus on. Yes, REFLECT – Learn from what we have done, what we have failed, what we have accomplished and process that. Extract what matters. Filter the information and purify it so it becomes a useful apparatus to help you do what reflection should do….Help you move forward.

REFLECTION will and should play a role in all we do. It gives us time to pause, consider what we did and demonstrate what the best practices are to help us improve, grow, CHANGE and be better.

Don’t be fooled by REFLECTION. You can dwell on things too long. You can agonize over what you see in that mirror and that can play real games with your head. Reflect and manage. Your reflection represents YOU. Give it the time and consideration it deserves. Remember, what you do is nothing more than a REFLECTION of yourself.

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