We have all attended this school from time to time. We often refer to things from the ‘school of thought’. I think it’s one of the very best learning institutions out there. As you get older, your perspective shifts. There is a push, a drive from being practical. Being pragmatic helps as we consider the school of thought. The experience, not age provides a solid foundation that should help make decisions. Nothing should be done without some thought process behind it. That’s how you prevent mistakes. You can never eliminate mistakes but attending ‘the school of thought’ will minimize them and perhaps soften the blow when you realize you did make a mistake. Functional, appropriate, realistic, keeping it real and looking for new opportunities to enjoy work and life are all rooted in your own SCHOOL OF THOUGHT.

I was not a great student until I got to college. It was there that I began to inquire, ask questions and more importantly, listen to the responses of the ones I admired, respected, and looked up to. My teachers, my mentors became not a university experience, but my school of thought. And, suddenly, I became wise. I flourished from that point forward.

Education will always make a better brain. Now with online resources, the school of thought has opened so many doors and can provide for all of us a new way to engage in the SCHOOL OF THOUGHT. Either way, this school is in all of us and not to engage it with a sense of seriousness, a sense of empowerment and of course a sense of humor is a huge miscalculation and can help you flunk out of the SCOOL OF THOUGHT.

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