When you are looking for, thinking about, considering or entertaining the idea of CAREER OPPORTUNITIES, you will need to create a STATEGIC MARKETING PLAN on your behalf. When you are looking for a job or trying to make a ‘pivot’, you, whether you like it or not, are selling yourself. You are the BRAND, PRODUCT or SERVICE and you are MARKETING you!

It requires a variety of skilled and planned strategic points that enable you to position yourself in the best possible way you can. How will you convey who you are, what you do, where you do it and why will it ADD VALUE to the organization, company or industry you are targeting. Remember this: If you cannot provide ADDED VALUE, they will move on. 

As you develop your plan, think of it as a short, tight and concise bio that represents who you are. Your backstory is YOURS. It personifies and embodies who you are and what you have accomplished in your life. Never feel insecure about that story. On the contrary, embrace it and tell it. 

Every story needs to be effective. It needs to engage. It needs to captivate, attract and hold someone’s attention. And if you tell it well, you will be successful in translating YOUR CORE, your essence, get inside the hiring manager’s head and open a door. Without IMPACT, you have no INTEREST.

I am always anxious to see how a good story develops and what that JOURNEY looks/feels like. It’s your personal and professional SCREENPLAY.

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