You just landed that first job. In your head (and heart) you know it’s not the best fit, but you felt, maybe desperate or the fact that you have been on the hunt for awhile, it was time to get something in place and get your career sequence moving. Maybe you just didn’t feel like investing time and you felt compelled to take the first offer to come along. Whatever the reason, it’s OK, because what you have done is taken the first step towards what will be a long and hopefully, rewarding journey that creates a meaningful course of action. You made a commitment, whether it is soft or hard, that can, at the very least, get you some experience which, as I have told you all before leads to one thing…..MORE EXPERIENCE.

Experience is like a key that opens a door. Eventually, despite how you may feel about this work situation, you become strong enough to make a decision and move on. And, when you do – you take away from #1, confidence, working knowledge, some self-assuredness and experience.

Career sequence is like the harvest. You plant seeds, till the soil, water and nurture the seeds to grow and become something useful and purposeful. The process takes time and in order to bear successful fruit, you have to taste it all – the ripe and the rotten. The rotten may taste awful now, but eventually, as you find your career path, make new friends, create a network, learn, build your brand, you can easily begin to touch the high level fruit and feel the taste of a sweeter sensation. It just takes time. Slow down, relax, water the seeds, and remain diligent. It’s your ride, so remain dedicated to your cause.


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