There is a lot to be said for HONESTY. Afterall, most people say, “it’s the best policy”. With honesty, you can build TRUST and trust is the root foundation of all RELATIONSHIPS. It applies to all of us in all that we do. At WORK, at home, at play – Honesty is with very rare exception, the very beat policy to live by. Lying will almost always get you in TROUBLE. When we lie, we must create a coverup and that takes more energy than telling the truth. The truth represents consistency. Lying requires a better memory because you really must remember what you said (and why). Who needs that?

Screw up – Own it!! Face the music. Take your medicine and be HONEST. When you take responsibility for the truth, you are RELIABLE. You are DEPENDABLE.

You can be WRONG, and when you are, learn from it and manage the mistake. Leverage this very valuable moment on your behalf. Accept it for what it is – A mistake. However, if you try and cover up eventually you will be exposed and all that does is diminish trust, increase loss of time and possibly money.

Telling the truth, owning ‘it’ shows CHARACTER. It shows a sense of INTEGRITY, and it will make everything easier.

Honesty makes you a RELIABLE resource. People will want to listen to you. They will value your opinion. People will look up to you, they will RESPECT you. It will strengthen your relationships both at home and at work.

Most people ADMIRE honesty. It can hurt, but it’s the right road to travel. We all learn from the truth. Good, bad, or ugly – The truth needs to be at the front of the line. Get behind it and follow it.

Sometimes the truth is hard to tell. There is COURAGE hidden in truth. If you can tell it, it will undoubtedly increase SELF CONFIDENCE. It all leads to how people perceive you. The truth is a wonderful LEADERSHIP quality which in the long run, makes all of us better at what we do, and it feeds a relationship in the very best way possible. Be AUTHENTIC. Be yourself – The TRUTH will set you free!

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