Many of you know my backstory. After a wonderful career in photography, I unfortunately had career ending eye surgery, which caused a serious moment of reflection and a CHANCE to start over. Clearly, it would not have been my choice, but as we all know in life, stuff happens and our job is to figure it out and move on.

Starting over was probably one of the scariest things I ever encountered. It was a powerful and profound experience and it was life changing. I never felt so challenged.

It wasn’t a layoff, I wasn’t fired, I wasn’t collateral damage due to some merge or acquisition, but I was in fact not working anymore and as I began to consider who I was and what my next steps were to be, I recognized my strengths and slowly put a plan in place.

I was a business owner, an entrepreneur. I hired and fired people. I produced, directed and created content. I managed budgets. I was a storyteller; an influencer and I had damn good people skills. I had EXPERIENCE!!!!! That was my turning point. I realized starting over put me at a great advantage. I no longer felt vulnerable – I felt empowered.

Starting over should never be minimized – It can test you in ways you never thought possible. But what you must concentrate on is you aren’t starting over. No, you are an experienced person with a lot to offer and when you are rebooting your life, your career, always remember – You are an asset. I wasn’t starting over – I was moving forward.

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