boy & dog-0003aIf you are efficient – you are making progress and moving forward. If you are inefficient, you are moving backwards, and when you are looking for a job, that is not the way to travel.

Having said that – sometimes, with purpose, we decide to strategically take the step backwards so we can advance 2 forward. With that in mind – all I can say is GO FOR IT!

But, if you are trying to get a job or an internship and don’t have a strategic plan in place, chances are, you aren’t going to get very far.

Having a plan in place with an intention of accomplishing specific goals is the approach to take and that will require some form of thoughtful strategy.

The first thing is to get a grip on your market. Know what you want. Have direction. Have some clear vision. Have an understanding of the industry and the title(s) you are looking at. Have a plan. Have a STRATGEY.

If you can get your head around this strategy with the ‘call to action’ in place you will not waste time. Time management and time efficiency is what the Strategic Plan is built upon.

Some tips on how to utilize your time: Focus on your network, the people you know and reach out to them. Maximize these resources. Take advantage of ‘who you know’. Remember, the best resource you have is YOU.

Invest your time wisely. Have an understanding and some direct insight into your area of interest so you can be organized as you begin to enter the job search/intern process. The more preparation you do the easier it will be to get this moving.

Create a master plan. Set goals. Manage your time. Keep a record of all the calls, meetings and contacts you reach out to. Make notes on your calendar to follow up. Be persistent but be respectful of people’s schedules. Think about engaging a professional career coach.

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