If you are on the job market, you are no doubt thinking about many things……

Think about the market you are targeting and how you will CONNECT. That must be a priority and it’s the most EFFICIENT way to map out your strategy. If you don’t have an awareness of your area of interest, you will make the search/journey more difficult and you will undoubtedly waste time.

As a career coach, it’s my job to feed you with meaningful data and information. It’s my job to streamline your search and help you understand how best to get to your destination. I’ll navigate – You drive.

Consider this: 80% of the jobs secured today are because of NETWORKING. That’s a powerful number. Get your head around that and reach out to your network for support, connections, introductions, referrals and insight. ENGAGE your NETWORK.

There is value there for you and if you don’t ask – You don’t get! Make some calls. Send some emails. Send smoke signals – Do what you have to get the CONVERSATION going. ENJOY the EXERCISE. Be brave, EXTEND yourself and EMBRACE the unknown. Know going in, it takes time. Use that wisely. Be ECONOMICAL in how you manage the clock.

And as you begin to plot out your course of action, some of this will place you in uncharted territory so have the COURAGE to stand tall, take the hit from time to time, as you will get REJECTIONS. That is part of the PROCESS and all you can do is learn from the past and move on. Build from your STRENGTH and use all your SUPERPOWERS.






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