We all have them. Some of us can easily identify them, use them, leverage them, and allow them to make our lives easier. And then there are those that really have little or no awareness of what their SUPERPOWERS are; let alone how to engage them.

There are so many ‘personal’ superpowers that one can have and if you are lucky, you will have more than one.

Strength is clearly up there, and strength isn’t just your physical capability. It’s your ability to process things in your MIND and interpret so you can convey clearly what your message is and how it might impact you, your family, teammates, colleagues at work and anyone else you encounter. Intelligence my friends is a strength that is not to be minimized.

Endurance is also in the STRENGTH category and again, that’s not just the physical. Mental ENDURANCE is an awesome superpower. Work, careers and the job will often test that, and our responsibility is to step up, stay on task, get ‘it’ done….no matter how long it might take.

How we present ourselves is another superpower. What people think of you should matter. That 1st impression can go a long way, or it could snuff you out in a heartbeat.

Communications, self-control, humor, integrity, courage, emotion, mastering change, charm, leadership are other examples of SUPERPOWERS.

Something I put on top of the list is STRUCTURE, as in your ability to see a situation that is chaotic and give it PURPOSE, DIRECTION and CLARITY.

As I give thought to my superpowers, I see AGE as my most significant SUPERPOWER. For me age represents EXPERIENCE. That gives me a combination of all the superpowers rolled into the one. My experience makes me feel muscular, broad-shouldered, sturdy, substantial, gigantic and above all, it makes me HELPFUL. I can share my backstory and distribute knowledge based on life experience. I am an INFLUENCER. I can make an IMPACT by using my SUPERPOWER.

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