You just got your first job. How cool is that? You have spent 4 years in college and now, as so many grads hit the market; you are one of the chosen and really landed. Maybe not the ideal place to be – but an opportunity to Establish yourself. This is the moment of truth for you. No matter what you are doing, how much you do or don’t Enjoy it, it is your time to make an impact. Despite the feelings you have, you owe it to yourself to realize it’s all about Experience and not Exploitation.

You stand your ground, Earn your way in to the hearts and minds of your colleagues and make an impression so that you have a solid foundation and career path on your resume. There will always be something of value to take with you, if, of course, you invest the time and Energy. This is the first time you have really Experienced a full time responsibility and if you don’t maximize this opportunity, Engage others – you fail.

If your mindset is right, you can Embrace the opportunity in front of you, get something out of it and prepare yourself for the future. Do you need to really know where it leads? Not just yet. That can be the Exciting part; the not-knowing, if handled well, is a very cool part of the career Evolution.

I want to Encourage you to take the time to wrap your head around the Education you are getting. Don’t minimize how fortunate you are to have this time to build, blossom and become something that once upon a time did not Exist. And as you begin to understand just how lucky you are to have this job, whether you like it or not, I want you to distinguish yourself from the other rookie Exports and make this a meaningful time in your life. Take the opportunity in front of you and do all they ask and then do more. Show them you are Eager to become a part of their Environment. Don’t be afraid or Embarrassed to ask for help – there is no shame in that. Asking questions is a good thing. It shows Enthusiasm and a curiosity. It shows interest. Learn from all those around you. Learn the good, the bad, the acceptable, the unacceptable, the positive, the negative and become Exceptional in the behavior and attitude you Exhibit. The job itself can be secondary, but the attitude is a primary Enabler. This is your chance to Expand your own horizons.

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