Can you rely on those that you work with? Can you TRUST that they will do their job, ensuring that GOALS are met and achieved? Are they ACCOUNTABLE? Will they do what they say they will? Will they DELIVER?

Anyone that works, has a job, goes to school, lives with family, takes the bus is relying on someone. TEAMWORK is all about workflow and process. Should one piece fall short, then that PROCESS will fail.

TEAMWORK is based on COMMUNICATION and COMMITMENT towards a common goal. Quality LEADERSHIP is also necessary. Delegating, listening, having an open mind, and not thinking you are the smartest one in the room will allow those around you to perform well.

The team doesn’t necessarily have to agree on everything. Sometimes CONFLICT can lead to an open DIALOGUE which when analyzed can lead to a very positive experience.

TEAMWORK requires that you have the right resources and utilize them knowing that the outcome brings SUCCESS.

Eliminate the ego. A good team cultivates learning, development, and growth. The better your teammates are the better the team will execute. Offer SUPPORT. Make sure that your teammates have an opportunity to IMPROVE. Good TEAMWORK will always bring a favorable outcome.

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