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“After I graduated college, I begin applying to dozens of places in the TV and film industry. But after a couple of months of applying to places, I didn’t have much luck. I quickly lost all my confidence and felt defeated in the search for my first job. I then decided to contact Jimmy, who I had met about 6 months earlier when he had given a presentation at my school. Jimmy quickly became a life-saver. He helped me regain my confidence in searching for a job, and he assured me that my resume was indeed strong, but I just needed a better method of getting my resume seen by the right people. Jimmy’s job search advice and assistance was extremely valuable and helpful. And only a few weeks after taking and applying Jimmy’s fantastic advice to my job hunt, I was able to land a position at Showtime Networks. I simply could not have done it without Jimmy’s awesome job search therapy. I recommend to anyone who is struggling to find a job to reach out to Jimmy because I guarantee he will become a huge help to your search.”
Nicholas McGee – Hofstra University – Class of 2013

Hello Mr. Levin, My name is Cheron Reid and I am a student at Stony Brook University. I attended your talk earlier today on Writers/Artist and I just wanted to email you to thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and advice with me and the other students at this event. I loved your take on how networking and expanding your search in the job industry is important. Especially how you emphasized how one should tailor their resume to suit and build on experience since something unexpected could happen in life that requires you to change your career path. I felt like you gave me a new perspective on how to approach the job field, especially the entry level job field and I just wanted to reach out and tell you how much I appreciate you sharing your time with my fellow students and I.
Best regards, Cheron Reid

Dear Jimmy, Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with our students, and us, at Career Talk today! As Marianna said, the students’ response clearly suggested they loved your talk! And it was a pleasure to finally meet you. All the best and thanks again, Joanna B. Durso – Stony Brook University Career Center I just wanted to reiterate my appreciation for the time you took to speak with us tonight. Each piece of advice and information you shared with us left a lasting impact and truly engaged, motivated and challenged me to start the process of finding my core and building a brand for myself. Thank you so much again for being so open and honest with us.
Alison Wiedmann – B.S. Video/Television and Business – Hofstra University ’16

Jimmy is not only a wonderful friend of mine but he was also key to my success at searching and finding a job in New York City. When I first talked to him about my job search I was two years out of college with experience in sales and social media. I explained my experience and career goals and he not only helped me clarify my resume to better target my ideal job but gave me brilliant advice for searching out positions and going into interviews. For anyone who is just out of college or has a few years under their belt, I highly recommend you contact Jimmy. His network and knowledge of the industry is invaluable to anyone.
Heather Duval – Accounts Manager at The Smack Pack

Jimmy was an incredible help and a valuable resource during the job search process. Before working with Jimmy, the job hunt seemed extremely daunting, stressful, and confusing. As a college senior, I had no sense of direction in where I wanted to begin my career, but with Jimmy’s help, I was able to figure out where I wanted to try and land my first job. Jimmy gave me the tools and the confidence to secure a job way before I graduated, and broke down the process for me in such a way that it became much more easy to manage, and even exciting! I would highly recommend Jimmy to any college senior, or as a matter of fact, anyone in the market looking for a first job or a career change. Thanks Jimmy!
Matthew Whitney – Student at Washington University in St. Louis

Jimmy has helped me gain a perspective on my career goals. It is through his time and effort in consulting me that I have come to see his true value. He is a reliable source in means of the digital and creative industry. I approached him as a college junior, he was able to help me figure out a strong sense of direction and give me confidence. Through some questions in regards to my capabilities but most of all my future he was able to formulate a good sense of me and develop an idea of companies that would be perfect for future. The process and communication with Jimmy was and always will be seamless, for he knows how to make something exciting. I would highly recommend him to any college student or creative, for his work and dedication is remarkable
John Mazzarella – Digital Designer & Visual Communicator
Student at Long Island University, C.W. Post Campus

Jimmy isn’t like most recruiters out there. He’s more like a support system that gives you the honest career advice you need to hear. He doesn’t rosey things up just to boost your ego. He sincerely cares about your career choices and makes the effort to support you no matter what decisions you make. When he’s not trying to match you with a career, he’s there to guide you through the process of finding one. I highly recommend Jimmy to anyone who values a friendly voice in the midst of their career search.
Sarah Adhami – Account Executive at Creative Circle

I count myself as one of the luckiest design professionals to have met James. I cannot speak highly enough of his deep understanding of our industry and his openness to share his insights. He is direct and will tell you like it is: In case you haven’t figured it out on your own yet, he will make sure you understand that design – or being creative in general – is not for the weak or faint of heart. I am glad I had him in my corner.
Agostinho Martins – Executive Director of Packaging Innovation at Estée Lauder Companies

Jimmy is not someone to tell you something because it’s what you want to hear. He cuts through all of the “fluff” and shares with you what you NEED to hear in order to improve. He is extremely down to earth and, when giving professional advice, makes it clear that he is on your team. I am very lucky to have Jimmy as a connection and look forward to working with him in the future.
Dara Hirsch – Audio Engineer, Composer and Producer

I have consulted with James on several occasions and his advice has been invaluable. He is insightful, patient, thorough, compassionate and intuitive. James knows the industry inside and out, and is a trusted advisor with meaningful, substantive counsel for diverse situations. I recommend James without hesitation.
Tim Player – Director of Operations DDB Remedy

I have known Jimmy for over 20 years. I was lucky enough to work as one of his steady photo assistants in the late ’80s. I say lucky because he is one of the nicest, funniest, most respectful, honest, organized and creative people I have ever known. He was my mentor and friend. I was very happy to get back in touch with him a few years ago when he started his new Job Search Therapy role. I am not surprised how successful he has become in this role because he is compassionate, insightful, asks important questions and listens. While I was in transition and exploring the job market, over thinking things or becoming anxious about the uncertainty of things, he listened to my concerns and was empathetic. Fortunately and more importantly he reminded me of the things I needed to focus on and helped guide me through the process. He also writes a great blog!
Carol Haggerty-Reardon – Holistic Health Coach

James has truly helped me to realize my lifelong dream and actively pursue it. He is an honest and genuine individual who is dedicated to helping others through invaluable advice to follow their passion. Anyone who is uncertain about which career path to follow should absolutely consult with James – he is amazing!
Lauren Piccirillo – CEO & Founder of Baby Soothe, Inc.

Jimmy is a creative person’s greatest ally. He possesses the rare ability to fully understand both sides of a professional/creative relationship and his passion for delivering the right talent for an open position is undeniable. Jimmy helps filter the great from the merely good and consistently offers up the best in class. Frankly, he saved me countless hours of headache and heartbreak while looking for the right fit for my creative group.
David Buivid – Marketing Consultant

Jimmy gives me a feeling of confidence – like I can’t go wrong no matter what happens. It’s the kind of coaching that makes me feel like my back is covered – my “back” happens to be me and my family. He brings the kind of experience and wisdom that empowers me to be myself at the most crucial times in the job search process – the interview. I know I’ll be ethically and politically correct – I know I’ll say and do the right thing. When the going gets tough – I go to Jimmy. Having met Jimmy through the Advertising Production Club of NY, I found his insight and advice about the industry extremely helpful. Sharing his own experiences with us, Jimmy showed his professionalism, deep knowledge and understanding about the ever-evolving landscape taking place within the creative services. I look forward to sharing more with him in years to come.
Susanna Lee – Digital Content Specialist at Stamford

Hospital I want to express my gratitude to James for taking the time to talk to me and providing me with really sound, actionable advice at a very difficult time. I took detailed notes during our conversation and really tried to apply everything we spoke about to my job search. I believe that it made a difference for me. I made every effort to put myself out there and to have conversations with lots of people. Some of those people could provide direct help/guidance and others couldn’t. I found however, that it didn’t matter whether they could help or not. Rather, it was making that connection that was of primary importance. It was through these new and existing connections that I was able to become re-employed.
Anthony Spirito – Media Research and Marketing Consultant at Franco Research Group

Jimmy is simply the best at what he does. His glass is always half full. His keen eye for talent is a testimony to his years in the creative industry. He always takes the time to go the extra mile to get the job done and make the perfect fit. His work ethic is perfection and personally you could not meet a better person. He is an asset to any company at which he is working. This is the kind of person you want to do business with – period.
Patrick Aievoli – Associate Professor at LIU CW Post & Partner, digiEd, Inc.

Jimmy is not someone to tell you something because it’s what you want to hear. He cuts through all the “fluff” and shares what you NEED to hear in order to improve. He is extremely down to earth and, when giving professional advice, makes it clear that he is on your team. I am very lucky to have Jimmy as a connection and look forward to working with him in the future.
Dara Hirsch – Audio Engineer and Producer

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