Technology is so transient and it continues to re-define us. It sets new standards everyday and changes the essential qualities of what we do and how we do it.

It’s a 24/7 phenomenon and like the Earth itself, it maintains a constant motion. How can anyone keep up? Staying relevant should be a career objective.

In so many ways, the work I do with colleges and Universities has been an extraordinary experience. Today’s students are the 1st fully interactive and mobile generation. They are so intuitive, so fluid and show no reluctance or fear when it comes to Technology. Awesome to see and incredible to observe how comfortable they are in this territory. And, yet, they too have to be mindful of how rapid the changes are. It has impact on how they present themselves while looking for career advancement. Tech plays a huge role in the ‘career sequence’. It becomes a valuable tool, a practical application, and if managed well, it can be extremely useful/helpful.

As intuitive as the young demographic is, Technology still cannot be minimized. It’s too important and again, if managed well, it will help you begin to develop a meaningful career path. No one, at any age can afford to take for granted what he or she knows. Especially when it comes to Technology. There are just too many moving parts for that.

Technology is a key to information and information is the fuel that drives the process of career sequencing. It, the information will help and should provide you with direction, guidance and get your POINT OF VIEW in place. This will help you formulate a strategic plan. 15710.aYou are not going to be successful at career search without a plan and intent.

The foundation to it all is the network you create and much of it will be built on the use of Technology. As you identify resources that can assist you in your career development you begin to establish new ways to utilize them because of the technology tools available.


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