It seems that speed dictates the path to accomplishment today. The technology we all engage in has changed the process and the protocol of doing everything. It has re-defined all that we do, the way we do it and it has altered the course of action with which we choose to take.
Technology has created a new and ever changing path, created new bridges and tunnels for us to travel to get something done. Not short cuts, but an efficiency that can change the time frame to get something finished. Sounds good – doesn’t it? However, there is a big difference between speed, agility, getting ‘it’ done quickly with a level of success and getting ‘it’ done poorly.

The net results and what you produce are important but the QUALITY is everything. Too often, the outcome can be compromised just to make the deadline and adhere to some strict timeline. That can be a big mistake and in the long run cost more time and perhaps more money. Take the time necessary. Don’t hurry just to beat the clock. Be productive, be capable, be competent and think about time management. Always be efficient, but be economical about the way you use your time.

Speed today, because of technology, is often equated with ‘agility’ and the ability to move quickly and do it seamlessly. That will work. However, rushing the process is not something you want to do.
The objective is to complete the task at hand with full attention.
It’s better to measure results by performance quality than it is how long it took to get it done. I’m interested in the quality more than the time frame. It’s all about performing in the best way possible, utilizing time efficiently and maximizing your efforts.
At the end of the day – it’s all about the quality.

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