Seems that technology has re-defined who we are, what we do, how we behave, how we connect, how we sell, how we purchase, how we interface with each other, how we respond, how we advance, how we learn, how we grow and pretty much how we do EVERYTHING.

We cannot do anything anymore without some influence of technology. I’m not criticizing it – just recognizing it for what it is. It has become all consuming. Nothing will change it. We are all going mobile.

I walk the sidewalks of NYC and it blows my mind, pisses me off actually, how many people walk with their heads down looking at and/or reading some mobile device – oblivious to all things around them. If you are the one watching where you are going – you will move around them. If not – you will bump into one another. How important can that text or content be? But this is the new norm. It will only increase. Mobile technology continues to improve and more and more people have it, use it and make it a part of their daily life/lifestyle. It continues to consolidate society. It makes our world smaller and links us to a global community. Pretty cool stuff.

We are a portable society now – Little singular techno locomotives moving about with questions and immediate access to answers. We are adaptable, changeable, migratory moving objects with information in the palm of our hands.

So often, like many things in life, we take it for granted. We don’t need to think of it. We live it, especially Generation X, Y and Millenials. This is culturally how they have grown up. What else do they know? They are Digital Natives. I am a Baby Boomer – a digital immigrant. Despite it, I embrace the technological revolution as it is and as it will be…….whatever that should mean.

These circumstances have changed the Human Condition. Now and forever. Our journey continues to change course as technology adds motion to what we do and the cultural shift alters our behavior.

Welcome to the New Norm and enjoy the ride!





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