When you are looking for a job or looking to make a change in your professional life, you MUST consider all the moving parts that are necessary to make the change(s) work on your behalf. Step back, put a plan in place, consider all your resources and then begin to map things out in a strategic way that ensures you are maximizing your time as efficiently as possible. Make no mistake with rare exception this process takes time and inner strength to help guide you through it. Some people just get ‘lucky’ and land quickly. And…..then there’s everybody else. Time, time management, your core strengths, identifying your essence and the market you are pursuing must be supported by a plan. What are your objectives? What are your intentions? What are your goals? Organize yourself and arrange your resources so that you can manage the process in a meaningful way and know that the target is in sight. Codify and utilize your resources. 

So many look at JOB SEARCH as a real drag, and sometimes it is! But if it’s something that must be done, then get your mind right, check your attitude readings and do what you have to do. The more resistance you create the more difficult it will be to find success. 

Identify YOUR NETWORK. We all have resources but we tend to overlook them until they are needed. I like reaching out and staying connected to my NETWORK all the time and suggest you do that as well. A good resource will almost always accommodate you but it’s more comfortable when the relationships are active. Just sayin’.

Now that you have a plan in place, resources working on your behalf and the right outlook, you have created a ‘PERFECT STORM’.

The Perfect Storm
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